Condominium Mortgages / Freddie Mac’s Streamlined Condo Review

Condominium Unit Mortgages / Streamlined Condo ReviewAre you thinking about purchasing a condominium? While condos have a lot of benefits, the process to get a mortgage to purchase a condo can be confusing and arduous. Condo mortgages are much more complex than a mortgage for a single-family home, because the lender must take the entire condo project into account.

If you are buying a condo, you have a lot to think about regarding a mortgage. So in this article, we focus on the most common types of condo projects, new and established, as we review condo mortgages relating to Freddie Mac requirements.

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Overview of Condominium Unit Mortgages

The six main types of condo projects are as follows:

  • New Condo Project
  • Established Condo Project
  • Two to Four Unit Condo Project
  • Manufactured Home Project
  • Co-op Project
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)

However, the two most common types of condo projects are new and established.

When applying for a mortgage, the lender will review three key aspects relating to the purchase:

  • The borrower: They will look at your credit history, income, assets, and other financial information.
  • The property: They will assess the property’s value, stability, safety, and factors relevant to the property’s value.
  • The condo project: They will evaluate the overall condo project, since the condo you are purchasing is only one part of the entire property.

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New and Established Condominium Projects

The difference between a new and established condo project is rather simple, though mortgage requirements between them are significant.

  • Established Condominium Projects:
    • All units, common elements, and related facilities are finished and are not subject to any additional phasing.
    • At least 90 percent of all the units have been conveyed to the unit purchasers.
    • The unit owners control the homeowner’s association.
  • New Condominium Projects:
    • All units, common elements, and related facilities are not complete or are subject to additional phasing.
    • Fewer than 90 percent of all the units have been conveyed to the unit purchasers.
    • Developer has not turned over control of the homeowner’s association to unit owners.

Streamlined Review Process for Established Projects

To expedite the process of getting a condo mortgage, Freddie Mac has a streamlined review process for established condo projects.

  • Unit falls under the established project category.
  • The mortgage must meet the required LTV/TLTV/HTLTV ratios for the occupancy type.
  • The unit is not a manufactured home and not an investment property.

If you are thinking about buying a condo, remember it is much easier to get a mortgage for a condo in an established condominium project. So to save time, work closely with your mortgage broker while looking for a condo, and look for a unit that is in a project that qualifies as an “established condo project.”

Risks of Taking on a Condominium Mortgage

Although condo living has a lot of benefits, there are inherent risks of owning a condo, since you do not own the entire property. As a result, lenders evaluate the entire condo project, in addition to the individual property you are seeking to purchase.

A few of the risks you should take into consideration are:

  • The financial stability of the project.
  • The condition and marketability of the project.
  • Limitations on the owner’s decision-making ability regarding the property.
  • Litigation involved in the project.
  • Insurance to protect condo owners against loss.

Qualifying for a Condo Mortgage

As we’ve seen, it is more difficult to qualify for a condo mortgage, because the whole condo project must be approved, not just the borrower and the individual unit being purchased.

It’s imperative, therefore, that condo homebuyers get pre-qualified and pre-approved for a mortgage, and understand the types of condo projects acceptable to lenders in light of their personal finances.

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