Mortgages in Moosic, Pennsylvania

Mortgages in Moosic, PennsylvaniaMortgages in Moosic, PennsylvaniaOver the past 100 years, the small borough of Moosic, Pennsylvania has transformed itself from a rough-and-tumble coal-mining town to a quiet, secluded place where you can purchase some of the best real estate in Pennsylvania.

Moosic started out as a small village included in Lackawanna Township, before it was incorporated in 1898. Since then, it has experienced change in a big way. From manufacturing canvas gloves and silk products, to the Rocky Glen Park amusement park that is now a state landmark, Moosic has a great deal to offer residents.

Today, the population in Moosic is 5,719, which makes for a tightly knit community where neighbors help each other, and kids know each other at school.

So here is a closer look at real estate in the borough, and tips to get a mortgage in Moosic, Pennsylvania.

Moosic Real Estate

The median value of a home in Moosic is $127,700, according to data from Zillow. This is one of the highest values in Lackawanna County, compared to nearby Scranton, where median value is $77,700, and Hughestown where it’s $97,300.

Home values in Moosic have gone up 9.1% over the past year, and Zillow predicts they will rise another 2.5% within the next year. But, they are lower than the State and National median values, which are a $156,900 and $192,500 respectively.

Quality of Life in Moosic

Moosic is a thriving community with several area attractions and sporting opportunities, such as PNC Field, Montage Mountain Ski & Waterpark, and Glenmaura National Golf Club.

Moosic’s proximity to Scranton, and thus an abundance of jobs, is a plus for families who want to work in a large city while living somewhere more quiet. Furthermore, the historical and natural environment of this quaint borough is attractive to many people.

Getting a Mortgage in Moosic, Pennsylvania

Before working with a Realtor to find a new home in Moosic, get pre-qualified for a mortgage, which you can accomplish in just a few minutes over the phone.

Then as a pre-qualified buyer, you can work with a Realtor to find a home, while your mortgage broker works with you through the longer process of becoming pre-approved for a mortgage.

Once you are pre-approved, the lender will request a few more things, which your mortgage broker will help you accomplish. Then you’ll receive a “clear to close,” and the lender will send the paperwork for closing to the title company/closing agent.

From a timing perspective, our clients typically close in less than 30 days from the time they put a contract on a home.

Marimark Mortgage

Marimark Mortgage proudly serves the mortgage needs of borrowers in Moosic, Pennsylvania.

We specialize in conventional home mortgages, FHA, VA and USDA mortgage options, refinance loans, and reverse mortgages. We’ve worked extensively with cash-out refinancing, and help clients with HARP refinancing to lower their monthly mortgage payments.

To get started, please fill out our Quick Online Application, or contact us direct.

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