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Mortgages for Real Estate InvestorsOur loan originators at Marimark Mortgage are uniquely qualified to help real estate investors navigate their financing by providing mortgage solutions specific to the needs of those buying and selling investment property.

Marimark Mortgage has mortgage products specifically designed for investors that can help boost investment profits. One of our most popular products for investors is our “delayed financing” program which allows investors to buy properties for cash and quickly refinance to take their cash back out of the property to purchase another. We also offer programs that allow investors to purchase a property based solely on the expected cash flow of the property.  This program can eliminate a lot of the income documentation and debt to income ratio issues for investors

Business Owner Testimonial

Following is a testimonial from a business owner that demonstrates our ability to understand and manage the issues faced by business owners and investors and assist them with their financing needs.

Lee Neal
St. Petersburg, Florida (Owner PikPak Liquors)

As a business owner I have a keen appreciation for cash flow management and cost containment. My mortgage broker consulted with me over my real estate debt and demonstrated how I could increase my cash flow by reducing my mortgage payments and was able to reduce my overall mortgage costs. I think everyone would be well served by a consultation with Marimark Mortgage. Chances are they could do for others what they did for me, improve my financial position. The entire process went smoothly with consistent communication. I am a very satisfied customer.

Mortgage Services Relating to Real Estate Investors

Speed and efficiency is important when investing in real estate, just like the old adage says, time is money.

We have a fast and efficient system of processing mortgages, knowing that every additional day to process a loan can mean less profit for an investor.

Some of the mortgage services we provide relating to real estate investors include:

  • Quick close in 30 days or less.
  • 20 percent down payment available.
  • Renovation loans.
  • Delayed financing.
  • Education and awareness of buyers and sellers (e.g., inform buyers and sellers of flipping rules in advance and possibly the need for a second appraisal).
  • Niche programs like qualifying based on income of property only.
  • Financing for up to ten properties available.
  • Foreign national programs available.

Free Mortgage Consultation

If you are a real estate investor, please contact us for a free mortgage consultation. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and show you that we can meet your needs.

Please contact us by email or telephone at your earliest convenience.

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