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Mortgage services that help Realtors sell real estate
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Open Houses posted on our website and our Facebook ads: As a service to homebuyers in Tampa Bay, we post Open Houses on our website, and run Facebook ads about the best Open Houses in Tampa Bay. To learn more about our Open Houses Program, please contact us online or call 813.910.8020.

Realtors are one of the most important parts of a homebuyer’s team. We view our work with Realtors as a top priority. A good Realtor can make the mortgage process faster and easier, and we are diligent to do everything we can to help Realtors succeed.

When homebuyers come to us to be pre-qualifed before speaking with a Realtor, we advise them about the advantages of using a Buyer’s Agent. We have provided guidance about the importance of this topic in a recent article,  4 Reasons You Should Use a Buyer’s Agent to Purchase Real Estate.


The following testimonials highlight how we value our relationships with Realtors and strive to serve them and their clients with the highest professionalism:

Ken Chase, Broker
Homebuyers Marketing II, Inc., Tampa, FL

Mary provided excellent service to one of my best clients (and my neighbor of 16 years). Mary was instrumental in getting a mortgage for his son and daughter-in-law to purchase a great home. My client said that Mary was one of the most professional people he had dealt with for a financing. I am the selling Realtor so I’m very grateful for having a great mortgage partner like Mary.

Ryan Schulze
Broker Associate, Keller Williams

I want you to know that VERY FEW people impress me in this business. Most are filled with lazy, rude, part timers that I constantly have to chase around. I am sure you know EXACTLY what I mean.

Please tell Mary that you guys have done an OUTSTANDING job. I am truly impressed. I close about 125 deals a year for about 16 to 17 million so I deal with A LOT of lenders and you are in the top 2.

Thank you for an outstanding job.


Services we provide that are important to Realtors include:

  • We close quickly, usually in 30 days or less.
  • Communication is timely to all parties throughout the process.
  • We consistently meet deadlines, cognizant of contract timelines for appraisals and loan commitments.
  • Appraisals are ordered immediately upon receipt of a signed contract and a buyer application, unless the Realtor or borrower requests a delay.
  • Fast and easy pre-qualifications through the week, and on weekends and evenings by appointment.
  • Upfront identification and resolution of potential problems relating to the mortgage process.
  • Consistent high closing rate with minimal loan fallout once pre-qualified.
  • Extensive program offerings including Conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, Jumbo, Renovation Programs, Foreign Nationals, and more.

Referrals from Realtors

Our company treasures referrals from Realtors. Sure, we like the business, but more importantly these repeat referrals confirm that our dedication to homebuyers and investors is valued by professionals in the real estate industry.  They trust us to get the job done and have the confidence to place their clients in our hands.

When you refer a client to us, please know in advance that we work hard for every client, and we work to earn your trust with every client you refer.

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